USA Doesn’t Care about Life Saving Drugs if They’re Natural

NARWATHIWAT,THAILAND - SEPTEMBER 1:  A Thai Malay Muslim drug user breaks up the kratom leaf into a pan to form part of a popular cheap narcotic drink called 4 x 100 on September 1, 2011in Narwathiwat, southern Thailand. Translated as " sii khun roi," 4 x 100  is a mix of the illegal kratom leaf, cough syrup and Coca-Cola with added ingredients like tranquilizers and marijuana. Many unemployed young ethnic Thai Malay Muslims are becoming more embedded in daily substance abuse and a culture of drugs as they turn to substances such as 4 x 100, marijuana and methamphetamines to cope with daily life. In southern Thailand for the last 6 years there has been almost  daily violence happening over a wide region which has claimed more than 4,000 lives. The on-going, low grade insurgency and violence is between Muslim separatists, and the Thai security forces in a country that is over 95% buddhist.  (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

The drug war has been raging on for many many years now and while we all know it’s one of the biggest US Gov. flops in history they are still pushing it pretty hard. Plants such as Marijuana and Kratom, among many others have proven themselves to be beneficial. Take a look at marijuana, a schedule 1 substance the US gov. says is dangerous and has no medicinal value. However, states have taken the law into their own hands as they have proven there are many medicinal benefits to the plant. We now have the likes of Minnesota and other states banning the use of Kratom and some have even placed it onto a Schedule 1 substance list of their own, thus barring it from medical study.

It is nothing short of sick that we continue to take life saving natural drugs away from people to desperately need it. Why is the government working so hard to keep it from us, My personal opinion is kick backs from pharmaceutical companies, although that is just one theory.

Huffington Post – Why is the US disregarding life saving plants?

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