Ebola Plague Benefits Kratom?

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Kratom may be one of many beneficiaries of the deadly Ebola epidemic, that is only now beginning.

Ebola is going to be the acid test of the pharmaceutical monopolys control over how medicine is practiced in North America.

What I am suggesting is that kratom, which has some antiviral properties, should be permitted for the public to use, along with other nutritional and antiviral methods, which are known to support and promote a healthy immune system.

We have put our faith in a very limited source of protection vaccination while ignoring the necessity to support our incredibly adaptable on-board immune system.

The bad news is that Ebola may wipe out much of our medical fraternity and those who place all their faith in modern patented prescription drugs and vaccines.

The good news could be that the unnecessary deaths of those who relied on drugs and medical doctors will prove, once and for all, the folly of our for-profit, drug-centric medical system.


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