Kratom to Blame for Suicide?


The young man that recently took his own life had both prescription anti-depressants in his system and Kratom.

His mother, a recovering-alcoholic surgical nurse, blames kratom, of course. Kratom, however, is known to have a mood-improving properties, whereas antidepressants frequently carry warnings that they contribute to suicidal tendencies.

While this death is tragic it doesn’t change the fact that the media has been taking a purposeful negative view on the likes of Kratom, likely the help the aid of a law that will likely ban the drug in the state.

There are no recorded deaths involving Kratom that was not mixed with some other drug, while research on Kratom is limited we know plenty about anti-depressants and the obvious fact that anyone who has ever used these drugs know how these suicidal thoughts can quickly enter your mind. The media however will never pay any attention to that as it is more cost effective to blame Kratom and leave the Pharmaceutical companies alone.


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