How to Take Kratom for Sleep and Anxiety


Simply put, you are using Kratom to remove anxiety and get into a relaxed state so that you can fall asleep more easily. It relaxes both your body and your mind.

Sadly, insomnia and anxiety go hand in hand. These two can affect every aspect of your life and make it difficult for you to function. Almost 300 million people worldwide have an anxiety disorder and one in four Americans have insomnia. 

The worst thing about it all is that most people don’t treat these disorders. They “learn” how to live with them and sort of hope they would go away on their own. This is, in part, because there aren’t many good medications that can help with this. 

They usually have considerable side effects that aren’t worth it. This is why people are turning to alternative medicines to deal with these problems. Kratom has recently swept the western world. In South Asia, Kratom leaves have been used for centuries to help with relaxation and promote sleep. 

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