Kratom, is it really safe?


Kratom has been touted as a dangerous drug and a magical painkiller, while some users claim it’s safe others disagree.
The fact is we have no idea if Kratom is even remotely safe in its natural state, this drug is capable of acting on the same receptors in our brains as morphine, heroin and other hard drugs.

Research has shown that with proper dosages it is possible to relieve pain without the myriad of side-effects however, no long term research has taken place. The law is also quick to ban the substance one state after another likely dooming it to the same fate that marijuana has faught for so long, and still fights today.

Some users state they suffer from jittery spells during both the active and inactive period. There have even been some deaths that were partially attributed to Kratom, but all included a combination of drugs, which is never a good recipe.



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