Overcoming Addiction: How Kratom made it harder

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There appears to be a lack of scientific research into how Kratom affects the senses and its addictive properties. Therefore much of the information reaching potential new users is that of first, second and even third hand accounts of how other people have experienced its usage. People are turning to Kratom for a variety of different reasons, some have heard about it through their social group, others are curious and looking for a legal high to explore and others are struggling with addictions such as Heroin and are looking for a way to ease the withdrawal as they attempt to get clean.


The New York Times reports on the case of such a person, Dariya Pankova, who in a valiant effort to take steps away from Heroin began to discover the long-term effects of Kratom starting from a brewed tea.


The story of Ms Pankova is an interesting read and it opens up conversation on just how safe legal alternatives are.


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