Big Pharma to Buy Kratom Rights?


You read that correctly, big Pharmaceutical companies are interested in Kratom. However, it may not yeild the results we are all looking for.
These companies have no interest in curing people, they don’t care how much you hurt. All they care about is how your pain is going to make them lots of money.

Kratom bans are happening all over this country and many believe that it will become the next prohibition drug. This gives many companies an opening however as they can modify this natural plant and make their own “Kratom” brand medication. Likely with many nasty side effects and surely dumbed down to ensure it doesn’t do much to help you.

Meanwhile Kratom in its natural state could be banned offering only one place you could obtain it, your local drug store. Not for a price you can afford but an outragous cost that yeilds a few pills that are barely half as potent as the natural plant itself.

Who will own Kratom?

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