Kratom Causing Opiate Addiction?


While there are many benefits to Kratom some believe that Kratom may in fact cause opiate addiction. This is because the plant acts on the same receptors in the brain that traditional opiates do.
This has led to people using Kratom as a treatment option for opiate addiction, many have found this works well and controls/prevents the withdrawl smyptoms. However, others have claimed that using too much or using it daily for too long will also cause you to go into withdrawl.

Pharmaceutical opioid drugs, on the other hand kill tens of thousands of people every year in America — and the numbers have increased exponentially for women in particular over the past 11 years.

The facts seem to point to Kratom bought from the right kratom vendor being largly safe to consume in comparasion to opiates like oxycotin or other prescription drugs used as painkillers.

Speciosa – Kratom Potential in opiate addiction treatment

Big Pharma to Buy Kr
Kratom the Painkille
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