Kratom needs Supporters


With all the bad press and lawmakers trying as hard as they can to ban a plant that clearly has medicinal value we need Kratom supporters to speak out.
If you buy Kratom then you likely already know how beneficial it is. However, the news media never dares air a positive piece on the effects of using Kratom.

I saw first-hand how pharmaceutical drugs destroyed my mother’s health during the last 20 years of her life. She paid dearly for her trust that our family physician could find a drug that would ease her physical and mental pain

The influx of bad media increases the misconception that Kratom should be banned when there really is medicinal uses in this plant. We’ve all had family or friends suffer from big pharmasuctial companies that couldn’t provide what they really needed. Don’t let them kill another potential painkiller before it has a chance to be fully researched. Speak up and stand up with other supports of this botanical revolution.

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