Diabetic Treatment with Kratom?


Kratom, the leaf of a tree that is indigenous to Thailand, has been traditionally used to treat diabetes there since before recorded history.

Evidently no drug company was interested in the possibility of creating a blockbuster drug to more effectively treat diabetes a major epidemic disease that affects people worldwide.

There is simply too much profit to be found in treating the symptoms of diseases and nowhere is this more clear than in the treatment of the symptoms of diabetes.
The patient no longer must buy their monthly supply of metformin, test strips for testing their blood sugar levels after meals, no longer will the long-term diabetics need insulin and fresh syringes.

To their credit, public health agencies such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actually tell diabetics that it is more effective to control the disease with diet and lifestyle changes than it is by preventing it with metformin.

Kratom and Diabetes

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