Is Kratom the next Bath salts?


The DEA has issued an import alert and begun seizing thousands Kratom based products. However, many of these products still make it into the United States as it is not currently regulated by the FDA. While the DEA admits that low doses act as a stimulint (which is why it’s used in engery shots) they also stress that high doses of the drug can cause:

Psychotic symptoms, including hallucinations, delusion, and confusion.

With the DEA cracking down on the sale and import of Kratom we may soon see a National ban of the substance or at the very least a list of restrictions. Many states have already added Kratom to the list of controlled substances at the state level and DEA interest would suggest they are looking to do the same.

There is still not enough research to say with any certainty that Kratom is safe or even dangerous at this time.


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