Kratom Compared to Bath Salts


While the Daily Beast may compare Kratom benefits to Bath Salts others see it as a miracle drug and a legal alternative to black-market drugs. The group r/kratom on Reddit has provided as an interesting resource for new kratom users. It would seem almost every user of the drug experience a different effect.

Some say it is a perfect way to be social, others claim they live with constipation while using the drug. The FDA has begun seizing the prodcut from various stores around the country however it is largly legal at the time of this writing.

Lawmakers fear that users seeking a cheap legal high might end up on the fast track to widthdrawl symptoms similar to heroin, or worse.

Kratom addicts have reported “psychotic symptoms, including hallucinations, delusion, and confusion.”

While there have not been any officially reported deaths it is still a concern between many users and lawmakers alike.


The Daily Beast – is Kratom the next Bath Salt?

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Is Kratom the next B
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