Kratom, Highs Vs Lows

Woman shaking head --- Image by © Elijas van Roon/Corbis

Considering exploring the world of legal highs? With an ever-growing catalogue of available  products, continually pursued and evaluated by federal agencies and social media alike, any research will have no doubt led you to a natural plant called Kratom.


Kratom has a longstanding history of widespread and arguably safe use in the Asian continent. However as it has reached American shores, many contradicting  stories have appeared,  of wonder and horror alike.


Vocativs’ approach which is found here:  delves into the swamp of first person accounts of Kratom use and searches for much-needed detail into what you’re likely to experience.  So, if you  want to know whether you’re going to have the best nights sleep you’d ever imagined or if you’ll be so sleep deprived you’ll be mistaken for an extra on The Walking Dead? Whether you’ll have amazing sex or just sit on the toilet for hours.. I suggest you read on.

Inside the Kratom Cr
Kratom for PTSD says
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