Inside the Kratom Craze


About 150 miles away from Palm Beach County, in a nondescript office building, Jim Morisette has agreed to show us inside his business.

Morisette is an online kratom distributor, one of a growing number who import, repackage and sell the controversial powdered plant for profit.
Theres no question that kratom is the solution, said Morisette.

““I deal with people every day with addiction problems, pain problems and in some states where it’s been made illegal people are crushed,” he said.

With so much talk about regulating the substance, Morisette often finds himself out of the office and in front of city and county commission meetings trying to make the case to keep kratom legal.
For an industry masked in mystery , Morisettes kratom kingdom is surprisingly simple.

Kratom is a natural herb, commonly used in teas.  It’s often credited for curbing drug addiction and widely criticized by others for fueling it.


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