Kratom and Marijuana Fueling a Revolution


We’ve seen how fast Marijuana began to take hold after its legalization in Colorado, similarly we are now seeing another organic and natural plant (Kratom) becoming more and more popular as a medicinal treatment for various diseases.

These drugs are not only natural but based on what we currently know are also cheaper and safer than most of the prescription drugs doctors like handing out these days. With Kratom quickly booming in the media in attempts to become the next big thing in natural medicine we see the possibility of a grand turning point for US health care.

We have options today with natural supplements that we never had access to prior to legalization and some of the outspoken individuals touting the powers of these medicinal plants.

We no doubt have more research and more paperwork before things really get going however, we are finally at a point where many doctors are beginning to side with their patients on what treatments they should be recieving.


Turning point in health care

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Kratom needs Support
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