Kratom the Painkiller


To the pharmaceutical researchers, kratom contains 40 unique compounds, some of which may be turned into blockbuster prescription drugs.

This article especially comments 12-14 tells a persuasive story of the benefits of kratom for kicking opiate addiction and relief for chronic pain.

If people can freely access a legal herb to relieve their pain, the pharmaceutical manufacturers would clearly not be happy, nor would the drug addiction treatment facilities that charge from $5000-$30,000 and up for their services.

When we take into account all the costs associated with the current epidemic of opioid drug addiction, the media furor over this new drug menace called kratom appears to be greatly overblown.

Certainly, the 27,000 deaths caused by opioid prescription medications should out-weigh a few emergency room visits caused by young people who use kratom for kicks.


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