Kratom User Commits Suicide, Blames Kratom


A bright young man in North Carolina committed suicide earlier this week, and he’s blaming Kratom. The deceased left behind a note claiming that they had ruined his life with drugs. The parents were aware of his use of Kratom and say he wanted something natural and legal to ease his pain.

The young man had several boxes of Kratom under his bed and receipts that add up to as much as $500 a week in Kratom. This story however, comes off very strange to me and the general public. I find it incredibly hard to believe he really had boxes upon boxes of Kratom and kept the receipts. If this individual was really using Kratom he wouldn’t have that much under his bed no? I doubt he would be selling it as there is little reason to sell a drug anyone can legally obtain.

The mother only blames the law claiming that if Kratom were illegal he would have been arrested rather than commit suicide. She has taken no responsibility and the claims are he simply started using Kratom until he couldn’t take life anymore?

WSOCTV – Kratom Suicide Investigation

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