Kratom Ban Ahead in Shelby County?


Kratom is considered by some to be a dangerous and addictive substance. The parents and lawmakers in Shelby county have been pushing to have Kratom vendors and Kratom use banned in their hometown. Police in the county have been asking stores to take the products off of their shelves.

The county is currently only asking store owners to remove it from their stores however, there is no law in place actually making it illegal or that would require store owners to comply at this time.
Some parents have said:

Based on the packaging, the location of the product, (if) you go into most of these gas stations, it’s sitting right next to the cash registers, just above the candy bars.

This is however, in my opinion is a baseless and outrageous claim as these products are sold alongside the likes of 5-hour energy and other products that are certainly not for children.


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