Man Arrested in Robbery of Kratom


This man, a convicted drug addict was recently apprehended after he robbed a local store of 760 fresh Kratom leaves, among other items. He was stopped because he fit the description of another crime involving the theft of $5,000, cigarettes and other products at knife point several weeks earlier.

Police claim that mixing Kratom with Alprazolam pills creates a potent street drug.

The suspect fit the description of the man who held up the staff at knife point, when police arrested Mr Krittanai, they found him with 760 grams of fresh kratom leaves and 64 Alprazolam pills. The leaves and pills can be mixed to create a street-drug style cocktail

A search of his home allowed officers to find the knife that was used in the previous theft, he was charged with several counts of theft and drug crimes.


Phuket Gazette

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