Christopher Miller Plans To Challenge Legality of Kratom in Tennessee


Clarksville native Christopher Miller was recently arrested in Nashville, TN for attempting to sell kratom. Kratom is an herb that recently faced up against a possible DEA ban. Luckily for the thousands who use kratom for pain, depression, anxiety or even to wean off of opiates, bipartisan support of Congress and medical doctors, ethnobotanists, pharmacologists and even one of the foremost addiction specialists, Johns Hopkins professor Dr. Jack Henningfield, the DEA was forced to back down, a literally unprecedented occurrence in the history of the agency. Unfortunately, due to a great deal of misinformation, some of which comes from sources that are questionable at best, Nashville’s Metro PD was misinformed about the plant.

Jacky Ross, a friend who was acquainted with Christopher from within the kratom community, is not happy with Miller’s situation.

“Christopher Miller is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about our beloved plant and has been catapulted into the spotlight by news agencies demonizing our plant. Now, he has an opportunity that our community has never had before, he has an opportunity to raise awareness for our plant in a very, very large way.”

According to the affidavit, Miller is accused of attempted sale of a controlled substance analog. There are some issues with this though. By definition, kratom is not an analog. Unlike opiates, there is no overdose potential and its chemical structure is completely different. As far as it has an “opioid like effect” the same has been said of cheese, caffeiddne, and bacon.

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