Chronic Patients: Time to Fight for Our Rights


The DEA notifies all that they will be banning kratom because it is “an imminent public health hazard.” But after a major hue and cry from the kratom community, a decision was made to conduct a new analysis of the herbal supplement and have a public comment period.

While it is scary to see headlines about banning kratom and other substances many of us use for pain relief, it is worth remembering that an FDA advisory panel in 2009 voted to ban Vicodin and Percocet, because of their effects on the liver. No such ban was adopted, but they did change the amount permitted and how you can get them.

We need to be concerned about the “slippery slope” that comes with threatened bans. Instead of reacting with fear and wasting our emotional energy, we need to respond proactively. Better to get out paper and pen, and start sending letters and emails to your representatives in Congress and the FDA, DEA and CDC.

Kratom supporters won their battle, at least temporarily. Why can’t we?

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