Counselors Call for Kratom Ban

Gas stations all a crossed America have been selling energy shots or supplements containing Kratom. Some states like Alabama however, are looking to stop the sales and fast.
Kratom, when abused, has been linked to causing opiate-like withdrawal symptoms and some claim it can even create a heroin/pain killer-like high. The current use and sale of Kratom is largely legal throughout the states and minors have had little trouble purchasing the product.

A substance abuse counselor had this to say:

Similar effects that you would get with let’s say a Lortab or Morphine or something in the same family,” Wilkerson said. “But, in high doses, in extreme doses you’re going to get that opiate effect and then they get the laziness, the drowsiness, the depression of breath, that pain killer effect

Alabama like many other states are working to ban the substance.


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