Kratom – a Jolt like Coffee, a Painkiller like a Pain Pill


Many of the pain pills that our doctors prescribe us can make us dopey and slow. This is because they contain one of nature’s strongest sedatives – opium. There is a healthy and safe herbal remedy for pain that gives you a jolt like a cup of coffee yet can deal with the pain you are feeling called Kratom.

Opiate painkillers

Many drugs given to us by our doctors are full of opiates. These are often manufactured forms of the black sticky substance found in Afghanistan poppies that are sold by ISIS and Al Qaeda to get Americans addicted and pay for terrorism.

Medical marijuana?

Many medical marijuana breeds can also leave you a bit of a mess when using it as a painkilling medication. The classic symptoms of being stoned include feeling sleepy, being unable to concentrate and not feeling very motivated.

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Opioid use before TK
Kratom Vending Machi
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