Kratom and The Case for Opiate Abuse


Kratom, the plant known to southeast Asia has been taking over America by storm showing up in gas stations and head shops all over the country. Traditionally Kratom is used as a pain reliever and mood enhancer. There are also many who have used the plant as a treatment for opiate withdrawal.

The potential for Kratom abuse is there, especially for those who use the plant in an attempt to come off of harder drugs such as heroin. Some individuals who have used Kratom in an attempt to come off heroin often relapse because they no longer get the high they are looking for. Due to this these users tend to seek their high in the original drug they were trying to come off of.

While some claim Kratom to be safe it is still recommended to proceed with caution.


Ground Report – Kratom and Opiates

Kratom Ban Ahead in
The Kratom War is Br
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