The Kratom War is Brewing

Alabama residents in Shelby County met with government officials and lawmakers with concern over the sale of synthetic drugs, they list both kratom and marijuana (both which grow naturally).
While some claim the drug helps them manage their pain effectively others call it nothing more than an alternative to illegal opiates. Lawmakers have yet to realize that these substances need to be researched and explored. However, it appears we will soon see a state-wide ban on kratom vendors and kratom use if lawmakers get their way.

Some lawmakers and officials have gone as far to say that

Kratom is effectively an alternative to opiates and heroin

A statement that will likely make you laugh or sick to your stomach depending on your situation. There has been no evidence thus far that Kratom is anything like the hard drugs it is compared to.
Kratom needs to be well researched and I fear that making it illegal will only cause thousands of individuals to go back to their lives in pain without effective treatment.

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