Over 300 Kilos of Kratom Hauled North of Phuket

The Phuket News

At 11:30pm yesterday, Thalang officials, narcotic control officers, territorial defence volunteers and Khok Kloi police arrested six people who were found to be in possession of a total of 326 kilos of kratom leaves at the Baiyang Resort in Khok Kloi, Phang Nga.

The arrests came after Thalang district defence officials and Tha Chatchai police on Sunday night (Aug 21) stopped a vehicle at the Tha Chatchai checkpoint due to its driver and passenger acting suspiciously.

“All six admitted that they bought the kratom from Malaysia were taking it to Phuket where they would sell it for B1,000 per kilo,” he said. All six were taken to Khok Kloi Police Station to face the charge of possession of a Category 5 drug with intent to sell

The Phuket News

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