The Next Miricle Plant?


Keith Pascucci, The man claiming Kratom not only helps him but could help many others. This young man was overweight and suffering from severe debilitating pain. Not interested in becoming hooked on traditional medication and painkillers Pascucci decided to buy Kratom and take treatment into his own hands and treat himself with daily doses.

Many others wrote into the station to express the positive effects they’ve experienced first hand with Kratom. It is worth noting that many users understand it is addictive and claim that taking a break once a week resets their tolerance and prevents the withdrawal symptoms typically associated with the drug.

Local individuals self-medicating with Kratom are concerned local law officials are confusing this natural plant with ‘spice’ and other home-grown synthetic drugs that have been linked to deaths in the past. As of right now we don’t know enough to make an informed conclusion about the drugs safety however, it seems lawmakers believe at the very least, it should be restricted.


PIX 11 – Kratom good or bad?

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Kratom Compared to B
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