Mostly Legal, is Kratom the way?


The use of Kratom is currently legal in the vast majority of the United States. Many users strongly believe that the plant is the perfect drug to help users of opiates that are experiencing withdrawal symptoms but don’t wish to be stuck on a prescription medication. While in small doses there do seem to be some benefit there are also many negative effects associated with the drug.

Lawmakers and many users alike are concerned that because the drug works in a similar manner that opiates do users will become addicted and may potentially seek out a real opiate causing a relapse. The sale of the product is currently not restricted and thus allows minors to purchase and use products containing the drug from kratom vendors. Many users claim to feel the same high they would when abusing pain killers.

Meanwhile the FDA has placed Kratom on it’s list of ‘Drugs of Concern’ and many believe that it will soon end up on the schedule 1 list preventing its use, sale and research.

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