Bill to Ban Kratom in Florida Blocked


The group Botanical Legal Defense is celebrating a victory today as they were able to successfully block a bill that would ban the sale, use and possession of Kratom.

The BLD has said this of the recent coverage of Kratom

Kratom has been widely misrepresented as dangerous and without medical value. Some have miscategorized Kratom, lumping it into the same category as “synthetics,” “research chemicals” and “designer drugs.”

The group focuses on defending the legal use of natural supplements including (but not limited to) marijuana and other natural drugs. It is believed that Kratom can be used a medicinally similar to the recent coverage regarding the medicinal use of marijuana.

It is argued that Kratom could replace many commercialized drugs that have proven to be dangerous even when taken as directed. The public opinion of Kratom is horribly skewed with various groups unsure if it is safe or not.


Business Wire – Florida Ban on Kratom Blocked

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