ABC12 Investigation: ‘Kratom Kraze’


While some say it has the power to heal, others believe it has the potential to be downright dangerous.

It’s a popular plant that’s native to Thailand and partsd of Southeast Asia. In the United States, Kratom is billed as an herbal supplement. Some use it to help with pain, and others use it to treat opioid addiction and withdrawal.

Getting kratom is legal and easy to get just by logging online or visiting your local smoke shop.

Bryan Pelkey owns 2 Steps Higher Head Shop and Mundy Township, and has been selling kratom for a decade. It comes in various forms such as in capsules and powders. Users can even purchase kratom as loose leaves and extracts.

“I’ve seen more people come in here, ready to keel over dead, get kratom and come back in and look like a million bucks,” said Pelkey.

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