Debate Grows Over The Use Of Herbal Supplement Kratom


The herbal supplement, Kratom is being used to treat pain and anxiety among other things. The supplement is popular, but the FDA and some doctors are sounding the alarm about potential dangers, including possible addiction.

The supplement is actually banned in a number of states. Here in Ohio, that is not the case. Shop owners and users tout the benefits, however doctors aren’t so sure it’s safe.

For the past year and a half, Christian Devere has owned and operated Miracle Kratom in west Columbus. 64-different strains of the herbal supplement are available at the shop.

Kratom comes from a tropical tree native to southeast Asia. It’s typically sold in a powder, pill or tea form.

“Kratom is only orally activated. You cannot smoke it, you cannot snort it.. It’s only activated in your stomach, so you can either make a tea out of it or mix it with a drink or protein shake and take it that way,” said Devere.

The popularity of the product continues to grow. Devere himself first started using Kratom to wean off an opioid addiction.

Dr. Matthew Kunar, with OhioHealth told ABC6 that in some cases, users have actually become addicted. The major issue according to Dr. Kunar is the lack of research on Kratom.

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