KRATOM: Does Thailand Possess The Cure For US Opioid Addiction?


Re: “Biotech agency aims to create ‘herb hub’ for Asian region”, The Nation, yesterday.

Well, what took so long? I was starting to have Hub withdrawal! Oziex1 The herb-idea is good but not with biotechnology. If Westerners hear about the biotech connection they won’t buy it.

President Donald Trump has declared a public health crisis in US opioid addiction. On CNN last night Dr. Sanjay Gupta and others were discussing the possible benefits of “Cray-tum” (they meant kratom, but their pronunciation was off). They are looking at it as a painkiller and treatment for opioid withdrawal.

It is legal in the US in all but a few states but the medical community needs a steady supply of professionally farmed certified product, and what is coming in now is just vegetable matter in a carton.

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